College Fees Diploma B.Tech
Form Charge Rs.800 Rs.800
Affidavit & Admin Charge Rs.400 Rs.400
Identity Card Rs.100 Rs.100
Tution Fee(Per Year) Rebate of Rs.5000 Rs.45,000 Rs.65,000
Tution Fee(Per Sem) Rs.25,000 Rs.35,000
Board Registration Fees (Payable only 1st sem) Rs.1000 Rs.1000
College Admission (Payable per sem) Rs.500 Rs.500
Exam Fee (Payable per sem) Rs.1500 Rs.3500
Hostel Registration Fee (One Time) Rs.5000 Rs.5000
Hostel (Fooding & Lodging Per Month) Rs.4000 Rs.4000
Price Of Books Rs.3000 Rs.5500
Uniform Charge (2 set) Rs.1000 Rs.1000
Blazer , Tie , bag Rs.2100 Rs.2100